About Us?

Established in 2010 and our industry experts have over 37 years experience within the financial services market. IFA Client Sale has successfully matched over 300 Buyers and Sellers including successful mergers.

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Capitalise on our experience

Our industry experts have over 37 years experience within the financial services market.

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Why use us to sell your business?

Once you have registered for our free service, one of our industry professionals will contact you and talk through your needs in terms of location, business mix, staffing levels and budget. We protect our Sellers information as all of our Buyers are subject to confidentiality clauses before your business details are available to them. We will only provide your details to Registered Buyers that match your criteria.

Why use us?

  • Free Registration. Our fees are only payable by your Buyer.
  • We have over 1700 cash ready high calibre buyers/investors.
  • Good businesses with the right valuation sell very quickly.
  • Structured industry exits also available, 3 to 5 year gradual exits.
  • We create ‘matches’ with likeminded business owners/investors.
  • Your staff, premises and brand can continue to assist your clients.
  • Our confidentiality clauses are designed to protect you and your business.

Many Sellers worry their clients may not be looked after as many of your clients will look at you like a close and personal friend, you may also be concerned that your business will be bought and sectioned off for profits. At IFA Client Sale, we do our best to match you to the ‘right Buyer’ that will look after your clients in the way that is most important to you.

Why sell your IFA business?

We have a wide range of Sellers with different reasons for wanting to sell their business, they may include;

  • Retirement or Family Commitments.
  • Ill Health / Critical Illness.
  • Industry Exits.
  • Change of career.
  • Release Capital.
  • Uncomfortable with the implementation of charging fees?.