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IFA Client Sale UK are Specialist Brokers sourcing, matching and merging Buyers and Sellers of IFA businesses and Client Banks either Directly Authorised or part of a network both Nationally and Internationally.

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  • "We have more than 1000 registered Buyers! "

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  • "I contacted Pat at the same time as a number of other people in her line of business. In contrast to many of the others, she listened to what I wanted rather than trying to push a set solution, she is highly experienced in this sector, she introduced me to some excellent potential purchasers, was non-pushy and showed a great sense of humour at all times-always an advantage. "

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  • "Slick and quick and professional, deal done in weeks!" "Pro active Company! "

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Not ready to leave The Industry entirely?

We have some Investors that have cash readily available to boost your business in the right direction.

We also have gradual exit options that take place over 3-5 years whereby The Principle and his Management Team would be allowed to remain within the business and maintain their premises and staff with minimal disruption.

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Valuing your business is a simple process and by filling in the below form we can give you an estimated value of your business free of charge, Please click below for more information.

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